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Bedfordshire Schools Chapter

Bedfordshire Schools Chapter No 5974

The Old Cedarians Lodge supports the Bedfordshire Schools Chapter No 5974 which is a Royal Arch Chapter under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Grand Chapter of England. The Royal Arch Chapter is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry.

On becoming a Freemason we are taught the duties we owe to our fellow men and how we should conduct ourselves through life, we learn lessons on equality and mortality and finally we learn how to approach our inevitable destiny.


The Holy Royal Arch explores our relationship with our God and explores the concept of eternity. It is a natural further step for all Masons to take and many of our Lodge members are active members of the Bedfordshire Schools Chapter.

Bedfordshire Schools Chapter meets three times a year in April, June and September and welcomes new and joining members from the Schools Lodges that meet in Bedfordshire Province.



For more information on Bedfordshire Schools Chapter No 5974 contact:-

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